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Sector Focus Teams

Several years ago, FOIL undertook a radical overhaul of its special interest groups to strengthen its areas of sector focus and engage more effectively with the whole of its membership.

A series of new member-led sector focus teams was set up to be more closely aligned to the operational structure of the insurance industry, making these teams immediately more relevant to the interests of FOIL members and their client base.

Each team has a similar structure limited to 5-6 lawyers from different member firms in England and Wales plus a member from Scotland and one from Northern Ireland in most cases. In addition, there are 6 Scotland specific SFTs. Members join for no longer than 3 years and the annual time commitment is approximately 3 days, although this can vary depending on external developments in any given sector.

The teams currently set up, focus on the areas listed below, and FOIL will use the same template and structure to focus on new areas of insurance law as markets develop and reforms evolve.

Sector Focus Teams have five key roles:

Role of Head

  1. Lead the SFT and act as the key contact point for the FOIL National Committee via the National Steering Committee, and for insurers / self-insurers.
  2. Set the long term agenda and strategy for the SFT so it can act as a spearhead for particular campaigns or projects in the sector e.g. consultation or administrative reform processes.
  3. Identify other key issues affecting the sector and devise the most appropriate response.
  4. Propose FOIL position / policy on issues affecting the sector
  5. Scan the horizon for new consultations, key cases, and market activity relevant to the sector and report these back to the SFT and the NSC.
  6. Set the meeting agendas for the quarterly meetings
  7. Identify and implement consistent policy and succession plans.

Role of Deputy

  1. Deputise for the SFT Head
  2. Support the work of the SFT and the other officers
  3. Help to set the long term agenda and strategy for the sft
  4. Help to identify the key issues affecting the sector

Role of Liaison Officer

  1. Ensure that NSC is aware of all SFT activity
  2. Ensure that the other members of the SFT are kept informed of all SFT activity
  3. Liaise with other FOIL members interested in the Sector to get feedback and activity suggestions.
  4. Identify training areas from within the Sector
  5. Prepare CBA / proposal for central funding of training sessions.

Role of Communications Officer

  1. Prepare formal communication on activity and policy around the key Sector issues for review by the National Steering Committee
  2. Prepare and distribute minutes of each quarterly meeting
  3. Promote SFT training sessions / seminars.

Role of Scotland and Northern Ireland reps

  1. To liaise between the SFT and the regional members to make sure both are aware of the key issues in the sector.
  2. To raise issues of interest in the region to the rest of the SFT.
  3. To promote the work of the team to other FOIL member in the region.

Typical activities for an SFT;

Overall the time commitment for participation in the teams is typically 2-3 days per person per annum in total spread out throughout the year. Individual lawyers should serve no more than three years on a team.

Laurence Besemer,
CEO, 3rd May 2017

Please click here vacancies for a list of the current vacancies on the teams.