Membership Tariffs

ScotlandUp to £1m£1,750
Scotland£1m - £2m£2,750
Scotland£2m - £5m£3,500
Scotland£5m - £20m£4,000
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IrelandUp to 5 Partners€950
Ireland6 Partners or more€1,400
Northern Ireland£2,000
England and WalesUp to £1m£1,750
England and Wales£1m - £2m£2,750
England and Wales£2m - £5m£4,250
England and Wales£5m - £10m£9,250
England and Wales£10m - £15m£9,750
England and Wales£15m - £20m£10,500
England and Wales£20m - £25m£11,000
England and Wales£25m - £30m£12,000
England and Wales£30m - £35m£12,500
England and Wales£35m - £40m£12,800
England and Wales£40m - £45m£13,100
England and Wales£45m - £50m£13,300
England and Wales£50m - £55m£13,500
England and Wales£55m - £60m£13,750
England and Wales£60m - £65m£13,950
England and Wales£65m - £70m£14,150
England and Wales£70m - £75m£14,350
England and Wales£75m - £80m£14,500
England and Wales£80m - £90m£14,750
England and Wales£90m - £100m£15,000
England and Wales£100m - £110m£15,500
England and Wales£110m - £120m£16,000
England and Wales£120m+£22,000
In house legal teams (0-5 members)
In house legal teams (6-15 members)
In house legal teams (16+ members)

* Total annual revenue from insurers and self insured corporations in respect of work done in the defence of insurable liabilities.

Trade & Industry Partners

Up to 10 employees£600
Between 11-100 employees£1,200
101 or more employees£1,700

In-House Corporate Membership

Organisations will pay a fee determined by the number of team members. Any organisation with more than one member will be considered Corporate, and will be required to pay the appropriate corporate rate.

In house legal teams (0-5 members)£1,000
In house legal teams (6-15 members)£3,000
In house legal teams (16+ members)£5,000
Individual members£325

Individual Membership

Where corporate membership is not applicable, for example, retired practitioners, academics, sole in house counsel, barristers.£325

For additional information about FOIL membership e-mail or call 0844 556 7213.

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