Enjoy the benefits of being a FOIL member

Membership of FOIL is open to legal practitioners who practice in the field of insurance law and whose practice comprises predominantly or exclusively of insurance clients (except legal expenses insurers) either practicing within firms of solicitors or as in- house lawyers for such insurers or for self-insurers

The Benefits

  • An effective voice with insurers
  • An inside track on what insurers are thinking
  • An effective and influential voice with Government
  • Early sight of all proposed consultations and reviews affecting the industry
  • Regular contact with opinion-shaping industry bodies
  • A forum for exchanging views with fellow practitioners
  • Opportunities to network with insurers, industry experts and fellow practitioners
  • Expert instruction from leading industry figures
  • The opportunity to work to the FOIL Standard

FOIL Benefits

Duncan Rutter


As a FOIL member you will be at the forefront of debate with insurers, Government and other interested parties in promoting common-sense changes and improvements to industry practices and processes. FOIL ensures defendant insurance lawyers have a front seat in every forum.

FOIL is committed to driving the kind of change which achieves an accessible and effective dispute resolution environment, where long-term needs and right outcomes for claimants hold sway over time-wasting activity, to the greater benefit of all concerned – insurers and claimants alike.

FOIL is recognised as the fulcrum of opinion for defendant insurance lawyers and as such FOIL’s opinion is sought for all relevant reviews and enquiries. As a member your views will be heard.

FOIL actively liaises with the ABI and Insurers, the Law Societies of England and Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland (FOIL has its own representative on the Council of the Law Society of England and Wales), the Bar Council and other relevant bodies in the exchange and promotion of expertise and efficiency in the field of insurance law.

Opportunities abound:

  • To monitor and promote law reform
  • To serve on the National Committee of FOIL
  • To develop expertise and accrue CPD points by attending FOIL events
  • To network with lawyers in the same and other jurisdictions to promote a full exchange of information and knowledge including technology
  • To join one of FOIL’s Sector Focus Teams at the forefront of driving improvements in key areas

Tomorrows foil

Tomorrow’s FOIL was launched in 2012 to cater for lawyers at member firms with less than 5 years’ post qualification experience. This division runs learning and social events, helping to build career long relationships with fellow practitioners and counterpart insurance professionals. Learn More

London FOIL

London FOIL was created in 2018 as a new division of FOIL to support the insurance and reinsurance law firms and lawyers working in the London and Lloyd’s market. Learn More

Trade and Industry Partners

Associate membership of FOIL is available to firms working for insurers, lawyers and other compensators in the defendant sector. T.I.P.s benefit from the profile with insurers and lawyers that comes with associate membership of FOIL. Learn More

FOIL Ireland

FOIL Ireland was launched on 1st May 2019, to provide FOIL style support and information to insurance lawyers and their clients in the Ireland market.

FOIL Membership Criteria

In order to apply for full FOIL Membership you must be or represent:

  • A law firm acting for insurers (excluding legal expenses insurers)
  • A law firm acting for self-insured organisations
  • An individual defendant insurance lawyer advising insurers and a self-insured corporation

FOIL Select Membership Criteria

In order to register for FOIL Select you must be or represent:

  • An insurance or risk professional working at an insurance company or a self-insured corporation.

Full FOIL Membership Criteria

In order to apply for associate foil membership as a trade and industry partner your firm must be:

  • Engaged in the administration of claims against insurers or self insurers or
  • Engaged in the provision of forensic evidence and advice to insurance lawyers and insurers or self insurers or
  • A provider of loss adjusting services to the insurance industry or
  • A provider of any other type of claims related service to insurers, self insurers or lawyers engaged in the defence of insurance claims
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