FOIL UPDATE TO MEMBERS:Multi-Track Code Pilot Article.


Dear Colleague, 

I thought you would like to see the attached article on the Multi-Track Code pilot. The comments, both from claimants, solicitors and insurers, suggest that cases that are handled under the Code are progressing well and to the satisfaction of both sides. Most importantly, the seriously injured are receiving the correct assistance and compensation sooner.  From the insurer perspective the code provides a framework around which cycle times and indemnity spend can be better managed.    

FOIL continues to support this initiative and would like to see more cases handled in accordance with the terms of the Code. Members are encouraged to actively support the initiative and to encourage insurers not yet part of the initiative to join

We recognise that some of the behaviours required under the code are followed in many cases. However we believe that participation in the pilot promotes best practice to a wider number of cases; reform will come to the multi track arena and the pilot is part of this process and FOIL can influence the outcome of such change.

Laurence Besemer


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