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Trevor Gilbert Associates

Working together with FOIL

Described by many lawyers and insurers as the pre-eminent organisation in relation to the provision of expert employment reports, Trevor Gilbert & Associates has established a 20-year reputation for impartial, reliable, well-informed yet robust reporting.

We will not bore you with facts and figures as we believe the many testimonials we receive speak for themselves. Here are but a few (from defendant and claimant lawyers) which illustrate our level of competency:

"I would like to say that I have every faith in your professionalism as indeed do the senior counsel that I instruct who always breathe a sigh of relief when they see a report from you".

"I have been impressed by your ability to penetrate the fog that seems to surround such areas and to produce hard evidence to demonstrate the true position".

"Employment experts are often rightly disliked by the courts, for they usually provide 2nd hand and 2nd rate material, but Mr Gilbert has made me completely change my views about them. In a case of significant value Mr Gilbert provided me with a report in a couple of weeks that would have put most other experts I have used to shame. This was original research from beginning to end".

"Your report was absolutely brilliant, thoroughly researched and cogently argued".

We think it shouldn't be difficult for an employment expert to understand the nature of the claimant's pre-accident job, but:

"It was interesting to note that (the defendants) acknowledged the Claimant's role was not that of a database manager contrary to their expert's opinion and advice ! May I take this opportunity of thanking you for your support throughout which was invaluable in relation to his loss of earnings because of your complete understanding of his employment role".

Notwithstanding from where our instructions derive at the very centre is the claimant, without whom no claim would exist. We consider it vital to discover as much as possible about where, in occupational terms, the claimant has come from, where they are now and where they might be going. To do this requires a high degree of skill in building rapport. The following was received from a claimant's mother:

"Following your visit yesterday, I just wanted to say thank you for being so understanding. I have to add that you are the first expert witness who has shown empathy and not reduced (my daughter) to an emotional wreck and it was a positive experience for her. This will hopefully help her with further appointments with expert witnesses".

Effective case management ensures our performance is measured throughout the process from instruction to report delivery and up to trial and, of course, all reports comply with the CPR and the Academy of Experts guidelines.

Based throughout the country, our team of experts is drawn from the top drawer of recruitment and personnel professions and have delivered well-reasoned and authoritative reports across an extremely wide spectrum of occupations and industry sectors including the Police, Military, Education, NHS, Catering, Financial Services, Professional sport, IT, the Entertainment industry and others too numerous to mention.

For further information or to discuss a case please call us on 01473 288018 or visit, or email Jeremy Watt at