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FOIL Background

History of FOIL

FOIL was formed in 1992 to provide the defendant community — lawyers, solicitors and legal executives — a body to sit alongside APIL, the Association of Personal Injury Lawyers, ensuring that views across the board would be heard.

FOIL’s first President, Maurice Nichols, summed up the position: “It (FOIL) may provide a useful point of contact with organisations such as APIL, perhaps with a view to agreeing certain understandings, protocols and helping to smooth the passage of litigation generally.”

Since those early days FOIL has developed to represent all areas of defendant insurance law, not just personal injury, and we now have regular meetings with TLS, SRA, CILEX, the CJC, the AHMDJ and the LSB as well as APIL and MASS amongst the professional lawyer organisations. We also work with the ABI, the CII, the MIB, CILA, Alarm, AIRMIC, the NHSLA, UKCMA, LMA and FSCM in the insurance and wider industry sectors. Critically, we carry forward our member’s views to the Ministry of Justice with whom we meet once a quarter. FOILs standing and reputation within industry and Government are now higher than they have ever been.

It is now an important interface between defendant insurance lawyers, insurers, self-insured organisations and lawmakers, operating at the forefront of discussion where changes in legislation or rules are discussed to achieve balanced outcomes which benefit the wider public interest.

FOIL’s continuing drive to deliver true benefits to its members saw it undertake a major consultation exercise — the Big Conversation — in 2008, consulting widely with insurers and members alike. The outcome has been to sharpen and improve FOIL’s capabilities by strengthening the central management support for members and radically revising its consultation structure, which now more closely aligns to the operational structures within the insurance industry, resulting in a better-defined focus on sector issues.

FOIL is even stronger going forward.


Nigel Teasdale President
Laurence Besemer CEO

Past Presidents

Duncan Rutter  
Nick Parsons  
David Johnson  
Rod Evans  
Don Clarke  
Tim Oliver  
Dan Cutts  
Anthony Hughes  
Henry Bermingham  
Lea Brocklebank  
Neil McLaughlin  
Andrew Underwood  
Claire McKinney  
Jason Rowley  
Tim Wallis  
Martin Staples  
Andrew Parker  
Martin Bruffel  
Tony Cherry
Maurice Nichols